Top 3 Important Tips for Amending Your Sales Tax Return

Whether it’s a small company which sales a particular product or some E-commerce website which sales thousands of product, every business manage so much on a daily basis. It’s obvious for a business to make errors occasionally. When these companies do mistakes regarding sales tax return, professional may feel insecurity for the process, certain that they’ll face a complicated process to make the things easier. Local tax service helps you to amend your sales tax return but you need to know some important points as well.

The reality is, in many states, the process isn’t that complicated that it looks like. Many states even allow business to amend their sales tax return online.

Here are some important tips that will help every business to know about amending a sales tax return.

1 .  Every state’s process is different: Every state has the different amendment process. As soon as you realize your sales tax return has some errors, research your state’s process. Each state has its own requirement. In some states, an amended tax return goes through simply resubmitting the original documents and some other often involve different process than the original sales tax return submission procedure. It’s vital to carefully review the laws specific to your own jurisdiction.

The biggest mistakes most businesses make are not filling out the complete sales tax return before submitting. They only complete the correct portion of the sales tax return. In many states your amended return will replace your original return, so make sure to completely fill all the requirements. Otherwise, your paperwork may be considered as incomplete, leading to delays and penalties. Know about your state’s process and follow the same process while amending your sales tax return online or manually.

2. Correcting dues payable: The correct sales tax return will involve a new dollar amount what was previously reported. This may mean that states payable your money and you need to request a refund. You can ask a full explanation of your claim, include any documents you have that support your claim of payment. For this, you will require a separate refund request. Whether you are hiring local tax services or amend your tax electronically, you need to know that some states limit the number of years you can claim overpayment. It means if you delay in reporting overpayment by two years and more, it may difficult for you to claim a refund.

Moreover, your error will be connected to an underpayment and you have to submit funds in addition to what you’ve already paid. So it becomes important to act wisely and speedily when you have underpaid.

3. Amending multiple returns: In some cases, accountant makes mistakes in multiple tax reporting. Businesses realize they have an error in multiple tax periods and it becomes complicate to submit claims. But you can get out of this complicated process as some states have made it easier by the help of electronic submission. Many states give the opportunity to the taxpayers to amend multiple returns in one place through taxpayer portal. Some states allowing business to either submit multiple sales taxes return online or by mail.

So if your business finds a sales tax return needs to be amended, it’s significant to take action as soon as possible. Whether you are considering local tax service or fill electronically, research your state’s requirements and follow them carefully. By submitting the amendment return swiftly, you will be able the limit the amount you may have to pay in penalties and interest.


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